Life After Debt

Life Without Debt – But How? Many American families are finding themselves deeper and deeper in debt. Complicating matters even more, new legislation passed by Congress in 2005 will make it harder to declare bankruptcy, and saddle filers with a greater percentage of their debts to repay. If you, too, find yourself in trouble financially, […]

Getting A Mortgage

More on Mortgages: Understanding the Underwriting Process Even though it’s probably the largest purchase they’ll ever make, few consumers take the time to really go “behind the scenes” to more fully understand the complex world of mortgage lending. Qualifying For a Mortgage Whether you’re looking for a first mortgage on a new home, refinancing an[…..]

Mortgage Basics

The Mysteries of Mortgages Unraveled With home ownership in the United States now approaching 70% of all households, the chances are good that you’ve either taken out a mortgage in the past or have one now. However, many homebuyers don’t take out a mortgage as carefully as one might imagine given the amount of money[…..]

Structuring Your Loan

Borrowing Smart: The Basics Many people instinctively believe that borrowing is inherently a bad thing. Used to excess, they’re right. But how many of us have the money to buy a house – or even a new car – outright? Used judiciously, however, borrowing can provide powerful leverage that can improve your financial standing. Take[…..]

Using Credit Wisely

First introduced to the public in 1959, and used sparingly for their first few decades, credit cards have become a fixture in our daily lives. From the convenience of not having to carry hard currency to the luxury of buying what we want, when we want it, credit cards promised a whole new world of[…..]